Neville Williams
  • Founder, Solar Electric Light Fund
  • Founder, Solar Electric Light Company
  • Co-Founder, SELCO-India
  • Founder, Standard Solar Inc.
  • Partner, Ute Peak Solar

Mr. Williams is a solar energy pioneer who has promoted solar power applications around the world since 1988. He founded a non-profit organization specializing in solar for the developing world, and launched various companies in five countries to sell and install solarelectric systems. Mr. Williams first became involved with solar energy during the Carter Administration as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Solar for the Developing World: A lifelong adventurer, world traveler, and former journalist, Williams launched his greatest adventure ever in 1990 – to bring solar power to unelectrified people in the developing world. He founded the Solar Electric Light Fund (SELF), a non-profit organization based in Washington DC.

SELF continues to finance and facilitate solar rural electrification worldwide. It has assisted national governments and community organizations to implement "solar seed" projects in India, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Vietnam, Brazil, Tanzania, Uganda, South Africa, Benin, Nigeria, Indonesia, and the Solomon Islands. SELF has received the Green Cross Millennium Award, the Chevron Conservation Award, and the Tech Museum for Innovation Award among other honors.

World Wide Solar Business: In 1997, Williams founded the Solar Electric Light Company (SELCO) to own and operate subsidiaries in India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.  He co-founded SELCO-India, headquartered in Bangalore, and was its chairman until 2003.  SELCO-India has installed over 150,000 solar home lighting systems, bringing household electricity to a half million people.  In 2002, SELCO and SELCO-Vietnam received the Award for Corporate Excellence from the U.S. Dept. of State.

Solar Power in the USA: Williams brought back to the USA what he had learned overseas: how to market, sell, service, and finance residential solar home systems. He believed if poor people in developing countries could buy solar to light their homes, middle-income Americans should be able to buy it too. So, in 2004 Williams founded Standard Solar Inc. and launched operations in a suburb of the nation's capital. He was the chairman and CEO of Standard Solar, until 2008, when the fast-growing solar energy services company was acquired by an investment group. Based in Rockville, Maryland, Standard Solar sells and installs grid-tied residential and commercial solarelectric systems throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.

Neville Williams at Pulimarang, Nepal's first solar  village, where SELF's solar electrification brought lighting to 100 families replacing their kerosene lamps.


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